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Travel As the Canadians Do: 4 Principles All Successful Global Leaders Must Observe

Do you remember that night just 6 months ago?

It was the biggest night in Canadian Basketball history - Toronto Raptors won their first NBA championship, and it's the first time that a country outside the States won the championship!

The game was indeed very exciting. What struck me the most was not the Raptors' remarkable performance, although it was a hard battle, but the magnificent and unprecedented celebrations across the country after their first victory. The celebrations were just like no other and left such a lasting impression.

Thousands and thousands of people gathered on the streets, loudly cheering, waving flags, high-fiving each other and setting off firecrackers. What’s more, there was such an unbridled exhilaration to the extent that some even climbed the traffic light poles.

In the big crowd, there were people with different skin colors, eye colors, languages and outfits. But under the red maple flag, we're all Canadians.

It doesn't matter where you're born and what ethnicity you are from. It’s this sense of belonging that makes people united. Particularly, it’s that ONE culture that creates the sense of belonging among people.

What's the Canadian Culture then? I believe it is illustrated very well in this recent Air Canada's ad "Travel Like a Canadian."

Click the link below to watch this short clip :)

These principles are:

1. Openness - Willing to learn new things, try new things and be a courageous lifelong learner.

2. Compassion - Give before you take. This implies sharing things with others and helping people to get what they want.

3. Equality - Being respectful to everyone and treating others with dignity.

4. Multiculturalism - Embracing all cultures. Do not just stay in your own group, but try to understand other cultures and form diverse groups as well.

The holiday season is around the corner with a bunch of office parties, social events and travels. It's a perfect occasion to celebrate your achievements and cultivate better bonds with colleagues, friends and neighbors.

What's the ONE thing you will do differently this year to open up deeper discussions and create real connections?

I'd like to hear from you! Click here and join the conversation :)

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