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Redefine success with age - an event in Singapore

Last Thursday, I was invited by WeWorkingWomen to give a speech in Singapore. The title of my presentation was "Redefine Success with Age,'' and the evening attracted a lot of women professionals and entrepreneurs all over the country.

In today's world, we talk about success a lot. People constantly look for money, status, power and fame. The media also routinely directs our attention to things that scare, worry, panic and enrage us. However, the ultimate goal of most people on this earth is finding happiness. We should focus on ourselves and choose a life based on our own values instead of the society or others' values.

In my presentation, we discussed three important components of a happy life: you, career and important others.

- You: maintaining mental health and well-being, investing in your personal growth

- Career: finding a job you love that can leverage your strengths and maximize your potential

- Important Others: building meaningful relationships in your professional and personal life; maintaining good relationships with family, friends and colleagues

During the Q&A session, I answered some of the questions regarding communication in a digital world, how to set and achieve goals, and how to navigate career change, especially for mid-career professionals. I also shared my personal stories and tips on managing an international career and overcoming various life challenges.

Singapore is a very diverse country and attracts many MNCs and talented international professionals. I believe my experience and expertise could benefit a lot of people, especially people who want to go international. I also believe that we can help more people by working collectively and sharing our questions and learnings together.

To me, success is liking who you are, liking what you do and liking how you do it. When you find YOUR success, you will find happiness too.

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