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How to stay productive while listening to a podcast

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The average attention span of a person is around 10- 15 minutes, and it can definitely be fruitful if spent wisely. Researches show that a 15-minute break after an hour of work helps boost your energy levels.

A podcast like “The Stephanie Show” has 15-minute episodes, which are perfect for busy people so they can learn something valuable while taking their much-needed break. However, how often have you heard yourself or other people say this?

“I love to relax and close my eyes to fully focus on the podcast I am listening to, the only issue is that I never manage to conclude episodes because I end up falling asleep half-way through “

Or this?

“I love to learn but there's just not enough hours in the day.”

Don’t worry, we hear you! Podcasts are a great way to learn for enthusiastic learners, and one of the best times to get caught up on the greatest episodes is while commuting to work. This way you also ensure that you don’t dose off halfway through it. However, due to COVID-19 and work from home, this daily commute has been stripped away.

The question is how do you get the most out of your time while listening to one now?

Here are a few ideas for some fun activities while listening to a podcast:


1. Stretching or doing breathing exercises

2. Working out (15 minutes of exercise a day can boost life expectancy by three years, along with reducing the death risk by 14%. This is the least amount of activity an adult can do per day to stay fit.)

3. Doing household chores (cleaning, washing dishes, doing laundry, ironing etc.)

4. Coloring/Painting

5. Cooking

6. Crocheting

7. Coding (It’s surprising how well people can code while listening to a podcast)