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How to build your network and develop meaningful relationships in a new place, with Stephen Choi

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Moving to a completely unknown environment and building your network from scratch can be challenging. But I strongly believe that developing authentic relationships is key to building a successful career and business in the long run. It’s also essential to your well-being.

Stephen Choi, Co-founder of Hi Right now, is a true international professional and a super connector. He was able to build his network quickly in different parts of the world and even created a platform to help international professionals connect with each other.

In this week’s episode of The Stephanie Show, I interviewed Stephen Choi, and he had great advice on how to build your network and develop meaningful relationships in a new place.

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Here are Stephen’s top tips:

· Be visible. It’s important to be at the forefront of your community and expose yourself to as many different situations as possible. One simple way is to find online/offline events on and join them.

· Build your own platform and community. If you don’t know anyone, try to make one friend first then ask him or her to make introductions. Also, welcome other newcomers like you, be proactive about that. Stephen mentioned that when he was in New York, he went out a lot to meet different kinds of people from all walks of life and made a lot of introductions. It eventually became his own community.

· Learn their language. When you move to a new place, learn to speak the language of your host country. Learn their culture and the way they do things, it will help you improve your communication and build genuine relationships.

· Be radically authentic. It can be scary to show your insecurities or weakness, but being vulnerable means allowing others to know you fully. To be vulnerable is to be in a state of trust and courage, that’s how people connect. If you’re facing challenges, ask for help or find people who have been through the same challenges and navigate this journey together.

· Listen. As John Maxwell once said, “everyone communicates, few connect.” In fact, everyone wants to be heard so be there to connect rather than communicate. Ask a lot of questions and use your energy to hear them out.

Stephen also provided his Bonus tips for networking effectively during the pandemic and breaking the isolation.

  • Join the Hi Right Now platform as it’s the coolest platform for online networking right now ;)

  • The secret to networking is making it seem like it’s not networking. It’s about connecting with people.

  • Make introductions, remember to always add value to people.

  • Set a goal to meet 10 people tonight and learn 3 things from them.

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