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How can enterprises start their digital transformation journey from 0 to 1

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COVID-19 has helped accelerate the adoption of digital solutions and processes for many organizations around the world. Owing to the pandemic, what might have taken years has been achieved in a few months.

From increasing their online presence to digitalizing supply chains in order to face various challenges in business, companies have to speed up their digitalization efforts.

If digital transformation is an inescapable path to every company’s ultimate success, what’s the proven model for a successful implementation? What is the first step?

In this week’s episode of The Stephanie Show, I interviewed Jia Liu, Senior Industry Executive at Microsoft, and he had some great advice on optimizing an enterprise’s digitalization processes.

Here are Jia’s top 3 tips that will help enterprises of any size to increase their efficiency and drive their business growth through a proven step-by-step digital framework.

• Use 1+1+1 Model: This model is validated and distilled from more than 10K use cases globally. The model focuses on the oneness of the system and consists of 3 integrated systems within a company.

One Data platform builds a real data loop that provides data transparency to all levels, from executives to employees, and improves the communications between different departments. In this way, people get real-time information and can make sound decisions quickly.

One Operation system creates an overall end-to-end value chain digital transformation design, starting from the factory to product delivery. Through digital connectivity, companies can remove various barriers across functions and increase efficiency, hence delivering a better customer experience.

One Ecosystem transforms the traditional supplier-client relationships into true partnerships. Suppliers and clients work as partners and are involved in the integrated digital business life cycle. This way, it not only pushes the innovations at the supplier’s end but also improves the overall efficiency.

Create a digital culture within the company by hiring and training the workforce of the future to adapt to new business challenges.

In response to digital technology developments, new business activities and roles have been created. HR needs to come up with new hiring strategies and provide adequate training to new and existing employees. The workforce of the future must be equipped with data skills, be collaborative and customer-centric.

Tailor your landing MVPs (Minimum Viable Products)

The hottest topics in the field during Covid-19 have been improving supply and demand connectivity, improving data accuracy as well as increasing process agility including the use of a self-hosted e-commerce platform.

Digital transformation in the supply chain does not mean automating a single task but taking the processes as a whole. The Supply Chain tower is a good illustration of an MVP when going digital. It is an agile cloud platform that focuses on providing end-to-end supply chain visibility and control. By integrating the company’s ERP, warehouse management systems, and logistics with suppliers, manufactures, and other partners, control towers can provide actionable visibility and operational control across the entire supply chain, helping optimize operations and reduce inventory costs.

According to research, achieving digital transformation in companies can bring significant business benefits, ranging from increased customer service level to increased revenue.

Source : Boston Consulting Group

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