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Glow from the inside out, with Sheila Partrat

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''Fifty or sixty years ago, the external boundaries were quite clear. But those all dissipated over time. The only anchor that you have is internal. And that comes down to discipline, for me it's spiritual, mental and physical discipline. '' -- Sheila Partrat

Do you know that only grass-fed, cold-processed whey protein retain and provide all the powerful immune and health building benefits to your body?

Do you know that adults need 1 gram of protein per kg of body weight?

There's a direct connection between your health and the food you eat. In order to maintain balance and proper health, you have to get healthy from the inside out. By this I mean, paying attention to what you eat everyday. This is particularly important for busy working professionals, seniors and kids.

On today’s episode of The Stephanie Show, I talk about the importance of food and wellness with Sheila Partrat, founder of Protelicious.

Sheila Partrat, founder and managing director of Hong Kong-based Protelicious Ltd, an innovative health and gourmet food company that brings impactful yet simple solutions to the active driven urbanite. Sheila has been the force behind extending the reach of Protelicious’ signature immune and health building line of gourmet grass-fed whey

protein blends from the traditional fitness sector, into health focused F&B establishments, Luxury hotels and Corporate Wellness sectors.

Sheila is a graduate of University of McGill and has 25 + years of international experience in Canada, France & Hong Kong.

In this episode, you will learn :

- The science behind healthy eating and how to easily integrate it into our daily life

- How Sheila overcame various obstacles to solve the sourcing and logistic problems and her scaling-up business strategies

- Tips for meal plans and morning/evening routines

- Plus much more...

Additional Resources:

To learn more about Protelicious's products, go to

A history of the world in 6 glasses by Tom Stantage

Kids to Independance by Sophie Paine, Rachael Desgoutte, Sheila Partrat

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