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Empowerment for international talents & third culture kid

4 Short Principles That Could Change Your Life & Why

Last year, I quit my banking job to officially launch my own coaching & consulting business. I even took one step further to move to a completely unknown environment – I came to Singapore with two suitcases without knowing anyone.

However, going to an unknown environment without any connection is not new to me. In the past 15+ years, I have traveled on my own, set foot on three continents, learned two new languages (I’m fluent in 3 now) and collaborated with thousands of talented professionals from different backgrounds on various impactful projects.

The journey is not easy – there were many challenges along the way, yet despite those, I saw many miracles too.

It’s this rich firsthand experience and priceless learnings that motivated me to start my own business with a purpose in mind, which is to help international talents and organizations to do what they aspire to do.

Go international

“International” sounds fancy. In a global economy, people move around and need to work with cross-cultural teams. Staying in your own familiar environment is no longer a go-to option for your personal & professional growth.

In order to activate your capacities and unleash your potential, you want to study, work or find opportunities in another country, and more importantly, live a better life. Real learning only begins when you’re able to access the open mind, access the open heart and access the knowing of hand.

Today’s businesses require more of global minds than in any previous decades, especially during the crisis like Covid-19, where people equipped with international knowledge, skills and network would have a wide variety of possibilities to choose from.

Language is the first barrier

Do you speak, read and write in one or two languages other than your mother tongue?

Do you really understand other cultures other than your own?

Language is the first barrier for anyone who is going to another country or developing a business in another market. On the other hand, language is also a great tool to open doors and build genuine relationships.

Mastering a language is hard, but if you intentionally invest in yourself and put enough efforts, you’ll see significant improvements in your communication and business effectiveness. You will also see and understand the perspectives that cannot be understood otherwise.

Find happiness in what you do by designing a balanced life map

How can you find a job you love that can leverage your strength and maximize your potential?

How can you build your network in a new place, create meaningful relationships and even find your significant other?

How can you maintain physical and mental health while dealing with enormous stress and uncertainties?

Nowadays, we emphasize too much on leadership training; however, what people really need is not complex management principles or systems but courage, confidence and execution. We talk too much about success; however, what people look for are meaningful work and meaningful relationships that can help them develop their own path.

Life is not a checklist of acquisition or achievement. The ultimate goal for most of us is to live a fulfilling life, and most importantly, find happiness at work and at home. The skills and knowledge to achieve this goal were not taught in schools or in a typical corporate training but deserve our utmost attention.

Develop global opportunities

What are some of the best business practices in a particular market?

What are some of the tools and platforms to find and develop opportunities in a new market?

How can you develop your business, marketing and sales strategies effectively?

Those are the common questions companies ask when considering international business development and expansion. Each country/city has different business cultures, practices and types of consumers. Without sufficient knowledge and expertise in a specific market, SMEs may waste a lot of time and money in pursuing their dreams.


Like any professional/ entrepreneur who is brave enough to embark on their international journey and face multiple challenges, it actually took me a while to understand the power of “ no advantage” that accompanied and guided me through my path. I realized courage is not an absence of fear; courage is fear walking.

Therefore, I’d like to include my years of experiences and learnings in my company’s offerings at affordable prices so that you don’t have to waste years of efforts and fortune.

At Smart Living 365, we take our clients’ requests to heart and offer a free introductory call and bite-sized classes to help you achieve your goals fast.

Feel free to contact us by email to learn more!

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